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"The most fun you can have          with a bow"

For Every Age Group

And Skill Level

Easy to Setup

Easy to Use


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"We absolutely love our new MTS Archery Thrower. Bought one for the Florida Frontiersmen Archery Program. It came ready to use right of the box, battery excluded and extremely simple to set up. Even the kids love loading it and it is very versatile, can throw ground or air targets. Light weight, I can pick it up with one hand, compact easy to store. You could not ask for a better product at an affordable price."

Scott Hofmeister


Finally... a target thrower  for Archery that is portable, Lightweight and easy to setup !


All new highly efficient solid state circuitry offers  compatibility with  major power tool batteries and also 12V deep cycle batteries.

"The best combination of skill, bowhunting, and competition."
-Kelby Fassiotto

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